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Dazzle Diaries: Airbrush Makeup

Love this stuff!!! I didn’t think i would, but I actually really do! Its my favorite Revlon Foundation thus far.
Tracy T – Dazzle Diaries


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Style Watch: Braided Tresses

Look what’s at the top of our list for hot hairdos. Braids are a subtle and sexy way to add a little uniqueness to your style, whether you’re wearing your hair straight or curly, up or down. It’s all about balance. If you outfit is classic or more sophisticated, then try a stunning updo with a braided twist. Long tresses with random braids adds a unique feel to a casual sundress or blouse with jeans. Try a braid today and send me a photo of your own fun look.

See you tomorrow!
Xoxo, Jacqueline Jax
Style Editor Today’s Truffles & Designer JackiesBoutique.com

Chanel 2011 Fall Winter Paris Couture Collection Preview

Hello Truffles Girls,
It’s that time again and what better fashion review to do for fall than Chanel – The little black dress, the tweed suit, the quilted leather handbag, and the first-ever designer perfume—these are just some of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s lasting contributions to fashion. Little did she know when she opened her small millinery shop in Paris in 1913 that she was laying the foundation for what would become one of the world’s most illustrious fashion houses in the world. Chanel quickly became the rage among upper-crust eager to don her modishly boyish dresses made of unfussy jersey.  In 1983, 12 years after Cocos passing, Karl Lagerfeld assumed creative control and the house was reborn into all its glory once again leaving us breathless year after year with fabulous creations that celebrate the magnificence of our iconic Coco.  So that brings us to the latest Chanel show for Fall 2011 in Paris. Lagerfeld recently acquired a full set of stills from 1927’s apocalyptic sci-fi classic Metropolis, signed by the film’s director Fritz Lang to its young star Brigitte Helm.  So I ask you, was it a sheer coincidence that there was a Metropolis feel to the set for his Paris Couture show? The backdrop for the presentation was right out of Lang’s mad scientist movie. The set was dark and glistening, like rain had just fallen. A perfect film noir atmosphere and Lagerfeld had the perfect script for it—Coco’s own life story- of coarse.. But, if the clothes themselves were any guide, he also wanted to preserve Coco’s mystery. The collection was dominated by shades of black, gray, and midnight blue with odd shots of fushia. Even when Lagerfeld used white, he defused it with a drizzle of dark beading or a shadowy veil or even a glittery black tank.  I was just crazy about the layered skirts that broke away from his usual slim knit silhouette. The rocker edged lace mixed with fingerless gloves and calf hugging boots. Karl may have cast a dark shadow over fall couture this year but he shows us that even dark times can be immensely seductive.

Jacqueline Jax
Style EditorTodaysTruffles.com and Fashion Designer JackiesBoutique.com

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Falling Over For Thigh Highs

It’s not surprising that as the weather turns cooler, our toes go searching for a- little more coverage. But just when you thought that last years ankle boots were terribly cute,  the grand master designers are looking to keep our legs warm as well as the boots go knee and thigh high. To what do we owe this shocking extreme? To Fashion of coarse.. In the words of Coco Chanel herself, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. ” … And I will definitely be happening in a pair of these boots this year. 🙂 Check out my top 5 favorites for Fall 2011.

Jacqueline Jax
Style EditorTodaysTruffles.com and Fashion Designer JackiesBoutique.com
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1) Brian Atwood – Falcon Leather Knee-High Buckle Boots $600 – (Shop the Look)

2) Brian Atwood Venada Leather Belted Boot $525 – (Shop the Look)

3) Michael Kors CooperLeather Knee Boots $395 –(Shop the Look)

4) Gucci Lace Up Leather Knee Boots $1550  – (Shop the Look)

5)Gucci Stretch Suede Thigh High Boots – $2450 (Shop the Look)

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Roberto Cavalli 2012 Resort Trend Preview

Hello Truffles Girls,
I’m back with a beautiful runway collection that will surely inspire your fun, playful side. Famed fashion designer Roberto Cavalli shared his acid-toned print resort collection with us and I’m hear to bring you a sneek peak of what’s coming up for 2012. In case you haven’t seen the memo, influences from the 70’s and 80’s are back with multi coloured floral bouquet prints in monochromatic colors. Playful hues in lemon, lime, red, rose and royal left jaws dropping and some in tears. Tie-dye prints and acid washes on a wide variety of fabrics and skins, from chiffon and crepe de chine, to printed knits and  leathers set the mood for a collection with pieces for everyone. I also even saw a new and unusual leopard print. As if our eyes hadn’t had enough, hand painted ivory, red and black completed the show in true cavalla style demonstrating that a younger more casual approach was on his mind. For the jewelery, reflective fabric with crystals and pearls, created a new techno iridescence. Fine bone porcelain was used to make floral chokers and bracelets with hand painted gold leaf detailing further accentuated the floral motifs. The classic Cavalli serpent this time was made from tiny engraved gold flowers arranged to form the shape of the snake. So what can we take for our own personal style from the sneek peak of what’s to come? Well even if you tend to wear a lot of black, mixing in some of the beautiful colors by adding a bold top or skirt is what I recommend. If you are more fashion forward, definitely go for the print pants and don’t be afraid to play with romantic skirt lengths and flirty layers of ruffles as well. Lace touches are always a must have in any wardrobe any time of year and they are terrific layered under jackets and suits for fall and winter. As a rule, don’t mix to many different prints together but have fun mixing the new styles in with your wardrobe basics.
Jacqueline Jax
Style EditorTodaysTruffles.com and Fashion Designer JackiesBoutique.com


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Your “How To Couture Girl” Style Editor Jacqueline Jax


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Fall Runway Hair by Debbie Harry

Hair at 3.1 Phillip Lim got a dose of cool inspired by Debbie Harry and I’m enraptured by it. “We’re doing fluffy hair inspired by Blondie,” said hair master Odile Gilbert about the retro-glam dos. “Girls are getting their hair blow-dried and flipped out, no matter how long or short their hair is.” So my darling Truffle Girls if you looking for a new do for Fall, it’s time you turned up the volume. Tip: lift hair while still damp and spray a volumizer on roots only, then dry hair lifting each section. Throw your head forward and use a light hair spray at the roots to add volume with hold. Finger into place.

Xoxo, Jacqueline Jax
Style Editor Today’s Truffles & Designer JackiesBoutique.com

Dare To Play With Fall’s Hottest Makeup

Hallelujah! All the designers are sending their models stomping down the runways rocking bold colored shadows.  Get the look that is hitting the streets this fall with daytime and evening looks for every skin tone. Tip: For daytime, select one bold and one neutral eye shadow and blend well. Go soft on the lip. For evening: the skies the limit but be sure to use an under eye shield when applying so you won’t end up with purple raccoon shadows. If you can’t find a shield, a folded piece of tissue works perfectly ever time.

Xoxo, Jacqueline Jax – Style Editor Today’s Truffles & Designer JackiesBoutique.com

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Your Fall Face Starts Here

As summer winds down, the sun adjusts it’s path and we long for a change. The fall fashion guru’s bring us lots of fabulous choices to transform our summer sizzle into a warm fall palette of divine luscious hues. Here’s a great way to start.

1) Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation is a beautiful smooth and silky formula engineered to protect your skin from harsh rays and keep you glowing well after summer has ended. With a full range of shades to choose from, you can easily find a match that is perfect for your summer sun-kissed skin. Tip: As you spend less time in the sun, purchase an extra shade lighter to blend together as your skin tone transitions.

2) Richer and warmer shades with pops of color are the hues to have as we trend into fall 2011. These gorgeous eyeshadow’s work so well together for most skin tones making it an easy pick for pretty much any outfit. These shades still work well with your end of summer whites and turquoise hues. Tip: It’s all about blending well and don’t be afraid to add a shot of teal liner to any warm palette.

3) What would fall be like without a vivid read lip cream to liven the complexion. “Drink it in” by Edward Bess is an amazing color that will work well on almost everyone. The best reds this year have more orange base than blue this year therefore looking much warmer on the skin. Tip: Always use a lip primer and liner first then dust around the lips with a setting powder to prevent bleeding. Fill in color with a brush and blot while applying to stain the lips first. Adding to much product can encourage bleeding so keep it rich but watch not to over apply.

I’ll be back again soon with more fashion and beauty tips for Fall 2011. Check out my latest trend watch video at Youtube.com/TodaysTruffles. Don’t forget to subscribe.

Jacqueline Jax
Style Editor TodaysTruffles.com

Skin Care Secrets: A Glowing Girl, is a Happy Girl!

I was having cocktails with a sweet friend the other night and she inquired about my skin secrets. You know there have been many great products that have worked for my skin at different stages but just recently I was introduced to a wonderful specialist named Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera. (Ft. Lauderdale Cosmetic Dermatologist) I may have just begun his program but thus far my skin is glowing and I couldn’t be more delighted with both his recommendation and personal care. So before my friend heads off for her appointment today, I promised to post the 3 most crucial elements in my skin care regimen.

1) Environ Ionzyme – a gylcolic eye cream meant to restore and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Using this twice a week at night only.

2) B-Sensitive – a wonderful nourishing cellular primer that helps to draw the treatment into my skin to maintain moisture and help prevent irritation that may be caused by the retinol.

3) Diroseal- a retinoic acid treatment with very little irritation. It encourage the growth of new collegian, increases the thickness of the epidermis, softens the skin and reduces redness. (I use this treatment mixed with the B-Sensitive moisturizer twice per week at night)

If you have any questions about this product or others that I am using daily, don’t hesitate to ask me below.

Lisa, have a wonderful time meeting with Dr. Shino.


Jacqueline Jax
Editor TodaysTruffles.com

Call (954) 765-3005

TOP 5 Summer Beauty Tips

a.        Stay Hyrdrated! Drink Lots of water and water based fruit and veggies like watermelon! Beauty comes from within and that includes the food we eat and the liquids we drink. We want to take care of ourselves from the inside out

b.       Always wear SPF, even on the lips. This is important, although we want to be tanned to perfection, we don’t want the consequences of baking in the sun too long. Prevention is key if we want to prevent premature aging, sunspots and even cancer – eeeek!

  c.        Change your make up: Less is more with make up in the summer: Tinted moisturizer or a lighter foundation correct unevenness, and make sure to get color matched professionally because our coloring often changes from winter to summer.

d.       Exfoliate to slough away all of those dead skin cells that are blocking your pores. Clogged pores can cause breakouts and can keep you from achieving that natural glow. And if you self tan and you get kind of blotchy or streaky, exfoliating will help you get rid of that.

e.        Moisturize your skin. We often think that just because its so hot outside we don’t need to moisturize our skin. When we spend lots of time in the hot sun, our skin can become parched. Before bed be sure to treat yourself to something that’s going to help repair and protect your skin from damage and dehydration.

For more wonderful tips and tricks please be sure to stay tuned to my videos atwww.youtube.com/dazzlediaries.

Hope you all are having a BEAUTY-FULL summer!

Love, Tracy
Dazzle Diaries
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Top 5 Summer Tips for Curly Hair

Shout out to my mom and dad for combining their gene pool and giving me my twirly tresses. I have never been one to wish that I had straight hair. I always loved the versatility of my own locks. I can wear it curly or straight depending on my mood, my outfit, or my preference for the moment. The shaft and physical make up of curly hair is a lot different than naturally bone straight hair, and it requires a different kind of care. Through the years I have learned to manage my hair and take care of it properly. Now that summer is here, I know that being out in the sun can definitely dehydrate my hair causing damage and leaving it dry and brittle. And so during these months, I try to keep my heat styling down to a minimum. After all, who wants to sit under a hair dryer for 25 minutes when its 95 degrees outside, right?

Here are my 5 tips for dealing with curls.

1. Keep it Conditioned

The idea is to be proactive about your hair care. Make sure to stay hydrated from the inside out. Drink lots of water. Try to avoid shampooing everyday and be sure you are using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. I suggest sulfate free ones. Sulfates strip natural oils from your hair which is exactly what we do not want to do. Also look for naturally moisturizing ingredients in your hair care like coconut oil and/or argan oil. Use a wide tooth comb to comb through your hair while the conditioner is still in it. This will make it easier to detangle.

For added hydration I like to deep condition my hair at least twice a month. I use pure virgin coconut oil as a pre-shampoo treatment. Before shampooing, I apply warm coconut oil all over my hair, focusing heavily on the ends. I wrap my hair up in a warm towel and let the oil penetrate through the hair shaft for 20 minutes. Then, I shampoo and condition as normal. It’s an easy and effective hot oil treatment that’s great for nourishing the hair.

2. Fighting the Frizz

It’s a given. As humidity rises, so will your curly hair. Frizz is something all of us battle with. But take heart my curly headed friends. We can create a preemptive strike against the frizzies. The culprit here is usually a lack of moisture. Curly hair is naturally more dry because the oils from you scalp can’t work their way down the shaft, so we need to mimic that. After washing finger comb some anti-frizz serum through your locks. I suggest Chi’s Silk Infusion. Try not to brush or comb your hair after you get out of the shower. That will make frizz worse. Finger combing is the best option here. You can then scrunch upwards with gel or mousse to define your curls. And let air dry.

3. Swimmer’s Hair

Summer is usually associated with vacations and water. Whether it’s the pool, or the beach, or the lake, our social circles congregate around them on a regular basis. And when it’s blazing hot outside who wouldn’t want to dive into the cool blue!? The problem is all the chemicals in the pool and all of the salt in the ocean will leave your hair extra dry and make it feel like straw. Since hair is porous, it will soak in whatever you put on it. So, one of my favorite things to do before diving in is to apply a little leave in conditioner to my hair, especially the ends. My hair will then soak up the leave in conditioner instead of all of the chlorine or salt. Redken makes a fantastic UV Rescue Swim Cream that provides hydration as well as protection from harmful UV Rays.

4. Easy on the Heat

Constant flat ironing and blow drying can stress the hair out, leaving it brittle and split end prone! Thankfully waves are so en vogue right now!

Try to get in the habit of air drying your hair. Limiting the use of heat will your hair looking and feeling it’s healthiest. If you must use heat be sure to use a good heat protectant like TRESemme’s Thermal Creation’s Heat Tamer Spray before applying heat to your hair. If you are using a dryer, I suggest using a diffuser. The diffuser will disperse the air throughout the hair and not interrupt the natural wave pattern which can also cause frizziness.

5. Protect Your Hair with Fashion

Hats are totally in right now! Grab a stylish hat and create an outfit around it. You can get personal styling consultation from the gals over at http://www.jackiesboutique.com. The hat will make you look ultra fashionable and keep your hair (and face) protected from the harmful effects of the sun in style!

These tips should help you keep your curls and your sanity at the same time. Enjoy and Good Luck!
Dazzle Diaries
Reports A.V.A Live Radio –  Youtube.com/dazzlediaries

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Trend to Try: Orange Lips

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This trend is all the rage right now as they exploded off of the spring and summer runway shows and onto the lips of fashionistas all around. Its fresh and fun and a great thing to pair with a soft, minimally made up face.  The citrus colors range from a burnt bright red to a lighter peachy shade of orange, so there’s a shade in there for every skin tone.

If you are a newbie, and you’re not quite comfortable with swiping on an opaque orange try dabbing on just a bit of an orange toned lipstick of your choice onto your lips with your finger. This will give you the citrusy effect and provide a sheer wash of color. Then top off with a melon colored lip gloss. This is a great way to try the trend without wandering away too far outside of your comfort zone.

If you’re a bold trendsetter, then go all the way! Make your lips pop with some of the best orange lips colors out right now. I recommend Product picks: M.A.C Lipstick in Morange or Revlon Color Burst Lipstick in Coral.

Remember that this is a standout accessory all on its own, so you don’t want the rest of your face to compete with your vibrant lips. Keep everything else as simple as possible. Apply a touch of bronzer along the contours of the cheekbones to add dimension and color to your face, soft brown eye liner to define the eyes and some mascara and you are ready to go!

Now, orange you glad you tried orange!!!!! 🙂

Have a great day friends!

Love, Tracy T-

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Color Block Me

Color blocking is something we have seen on spring/summer runways for a couple of years actually, but it seems that it is just now reaching its zenith of popularity amongst celebrities. We have seen this look on Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Camilla Belle, and Katy Perry to name a few. Tangerine, emerald, yellow, purple, pink, and teal…the idea is to create unusual color combinations to create an outfit, and there are hundreds of different color combinations to choose from. It’s refreshingly easy to achieve too!

Bright colors aren’t for you? It’s ok, you can color block neutrals too! Try shades of brown or a combination of black, grey and white for a toned down version of the trend.

I also want to point out that this trend is not only appropriate for clothing, but you can incorporate it into your make up as well. Here is a link to my latest tutorial–a look I did that was inspired by color blocking.

Tracy T-
Dazzle Diaries
Reports A.V.A Live Radio

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Makeup Tips From NARS Artist Uzo

NARS International Makeup Artist Uzo works with the world’s top designers and celebrities. She encourages woman to discover their natural beauty and personal style. Check out Uzo’s top recommendations for Summer.

1) Uzo recommends using a powder foundation in the summer time. NARS makes a great powder made with nylon so it never looks cakey and goes on very smooth. With UVA/UVB protection, it’s perfect for touchups all day long. On celebrity’s braving the red carpet, she often layers a combination of Sheer Matte and Sheer Glow foundation. Only 1 pump of each mixed together and a light setting of powder and your stepping out with beautiful summer skin.

2) The biggest summer trend for evening eyes is a teal colored eye pencil (Kaliste) with the NARS eyeshadow duo (Dogon). It’s exciting and really makes the eyes pop. The combination is a beautiful classic taupe with icy green undertones against a charcoal black.

Brought to you by Today’s Truffles.
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Dazzle Diaries: A Pore Cleansing Experience

TodaysTruffles.com loved Dazzle Diaries with Tracy Timberlake’s pore cleansing recommendation. In her video, she compared the available products and gives you the heads up on how to get the dirty heads out….  Today’s Truffles Team

Its no secret that when it comes to skincare, I love products that are made with natural ingredients! Boscia is one of those tried and true brands for me. They are perservative free, meaning not only are they paraben free, but they are free from any and all skin irritating preservatives. I love their black mask and their gel cleanser. They have recently introduced new Pore Purifying Black Strips to their line.

The Claim:

These strips cleanse and purify the pores with its key ingredients.

• Charcoal Powder draws out impurities and detoxifies.
• Silica controls excess oil.
• Witch Hazel Extract, a natural astringent, tightens the look of pores.
• Jojoba Leaf, a powerful antioxidant, combats free radical damage while it nourishes and protects skin to prevent premature aging, and Willowherb, a unique anti-irritant, helps to calm skin inflammation and reduce visible redness and irritation.

Here are my initial thoughts on the black strips. If you are interested in trying them out for yourself, they can purchased at:




Tracy Timberlake- Dazzle Diaries
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Top 5 Summer Pony Tails

Julianne Hough Barbie-Pony

Summer can be a sticky situation. As the temperature rises, you’ll need a few cute climate controlling undo’s. Being a big fan of the all season pony tail, I put together a few of our favorites for you to consider.

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1. Super-high, gently wavy and so very perky, on Eva Longoria
2. Barbie-ponytail perfection, on Julianne Hough
3. Long and incredibly glamorous, on Bar Refaeli
4. A sexy little side pony, on Ashley Tisdale
5. Sweet, simple and slightly messy, on Angelina Jolie

Tips: freshly washed hair never ponies well unless your looking for that super slick look. It’s convenient that pony tails turn out better on day old hair especially with a little dab of shine serum or molding cream. I love to smooth away fly always with Argon Oil.

Pony away Truffle Girls.
Jacqueline Jax
Style Editor Today’s Truffles

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Dazzle Diaries: Real Techniques Make-Up Brush Collection

When creating a masterpiece, part of the process is making sure you have the right tool for the right job. Micheal Angelo wouldn’t have used mere paint rollers to create the Sistine Chapel ceiling and Master Chef Julia Child did not use a machete to slice up ingredients for her famous Boeuf Bourguignon. And so it is with us and our make up application. The right tools can make all the difference. I have been a fan of Make up artist and beauty sensation’s Samanthan Chapman for quite some time. She has managed to turn her craft in to a global business extending far beyond her hometown in Norwich, England. So when I learned that she was helping to design a make up brush collection I was thrilled! I knew that her experience and discipline as a make up artist would really come into play as she concepted these brushes, and tailor making them to be the right thing for the right job! Here is a video of my own personal thoughts of the Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman brush collection. Oh! And I will be doing a giveaway very soon, with these brushes as the prize! So make sure you subscribe and stay tuned to my channel! Thanks for watching, Everyone! I hope you enjoy!
Love, Tracy

To purchase Real Technique brushes, visit Ulta.com.

Real Techniques Core Collection Set (Buffing Brush, foundation brush, contour brush, and precision brush)
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