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  1. Erica Larson

    Dear Jackie – people talk about “timeless beauty” all of the time. It’s like the “ark of the covenant” that everybody tries to capture yet cannot reach. This year alone, celebrity icons such as Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama and the late great Elizabeth, to name a few, have been deemed and revered as such “timeless beauties” within the fashion industry. I’m curious – what in your opinion qualifies a person as a “timeless beauty?” Are there any classic fashion and beauty trademarks that have transcended time to mark the great timeless beauties over the past one hundred years? Do you see any cultural/societal differences in what we deem as “timeless beauty” versus what others fifty years ago would have considered the aforementioned phrase? In short, “how do you get into the ‘timeless beauty’ club?” What is “timeless beauty?”

    June 1, 2011 at 3:22 AM

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